Simple is the kingly way, Rolex paperback form selection

Before this, I made a simple summary of Rolex men's sports watch market selling (see article: Rolex watch what everyone is buying men's sports articles, at the same time) to get a positive response from the majority of the friends of the table, there are sports, naturally, is casual discourse cohesion. This time, the current characteristics and selling men's table paperback simple comb, hope you taste. Rolex paperback list selection swiss replica watches paperback form mainly in the following categories: the first is the oyster perpetual series is also based on the brand entry-level choice, since the 1926 launch has been developed for more than half a century; followed by the log type, the series debuted in 1945 next year is the Seventieth Anniversary of the brand new, believe will be presented; then the week calendar, 1956, only the use of precious metals; there is a push for Sky-Dweller in 2012, with 14 new patents, in the only calendar sale; the last is Cellini, a full of artistic taste offbeat work table.

Oyster Perpetual Rolex paperback list selection Rolex air overlord type 114200.70190 (40400 yuan) Oyster perpetual series is the most basic of Rolex, including men's table in Air-King, 36 mm and 34 mm oyster perpetual three models. Air-King (34 mm) is the only Rolex army table which has been retained to the present table, the large font scale is one of its characteristics, at the same time without calendar. The largest table series is characterized by rich military history and high price, the cheapest price model is less than 40 thousand, the lowest average price is Rolex models, equipped with 3130 core. Rolex paperback list selection Rolex oyster perpetual calendar 115200 (50500 yuan) In addition to Air-King, the same type of oyster perpetual calendar is 34 mm, but it is different with the calendar, is only a series of oyster perpetual calendar style, compared with the famous log, it is smaller in size, while the overall design style more retro, section table with military elements trace. This type of watches, the price is also relatively low in Rolex, but due to internal use is a calendar of the 3135 movement, so the price is more expensive than Air-King steel, a basic in early 50 thousand, with a platinum ring at 55 thousand, with about 65 thousand If you think 34 mm is too small, 36 mm oyster perpetual that one may be able to meet you. Compared with the same type of log 36 mm, in fact the size of the oyster and it has basically the same, only is the core difference, of course this is to throw the disk design. In terms of price, the models and Air-King are relatively close, all steel in early 40 thousand, and a platinum circle is about 50 thousand and 2. Overall, oyster perpetual series Air-King is a type of special, mainly from historical factors, is one of the styles of entry-level replica watches uk in the most cost-effective. With calendar and oyster perpetual calendar without have great differences, different sizes and different style, the same material is also the price difference of nearly 10 thousand, so in the choice will be easier.

Log type Rolex paperback list selection Rolex log series 116200 (58900 yuan) In this paper, the individual will be all "DATEJUST" system to log all belong to the type, men's watches, it is the main basis of the log, the log log type 36 mm and type three models. A lot of people called "golden work", mainly in the log type and week calendar type. These three models have one thing in common, that are using the 3135 movement. While different, mainly reflected in the basic log type (36 mm) design is relatively simple and Orthodox, log 36 mm more fashionable fancy (and a lot of women) are more high-end, while type II is completely the log increased in size from 36 mm to 41 mm upgrade. Rolex paperback list selection Rolex log series 116333 (103900 yuan) From the price point of view, the log based steel section early in the 50 thousand, platinum ring in early 60 thousand, gold in 80 thousand, and in 95 thousand gold diamond. Log type 36 mm from steel to gold to gold products are very rich, and the price of Leather Watchband, basic models and basic log type, while the high-end such as gold (230 thousand), diamond bezel (100 thousand), gold diamond (in 250 thousand, the highest in 550 thousand, the price will be higher). Type II is the log log type is more expensive, a steel around 58 thousand, platinum ring around 71 thousand, gold in 90 thousand, between gold diamond marking in early 100 thousand.

Week calendar Rolex paperback list selection Rolex week calendar series 118138 (182000 yuan) And the log type induction method, the individual will "DAY-DATE" unity for the week calendar type, including the classic version of the week calendar and calendar type ii. Compared to the previous two week calendar series, more luxurious, all products are used in precious metals, with full week display, and is equipped with 3155 automatic movement, in fact more than 3135 a week module. The classic version of calendar is personal to call it "the nickname" to show the difference, said a 36 mm version, launched last year brand 6 colors of three kinds of classic calendar rolex replica , with a series of Leather Watchband, rich color collocation, and the price also started from the original 230 thousand reduced to 180 thousand shoot two hawks with one arrow. The new store has already sold, fashionable appearance with good price, is the most popular type of calendar attention models. Rolex paperback list selection Left: 218238 (26300 yuan) right: 218206 (493900 yuan) Calendar type II expanded version of the calendar, from 36 mm to 41 mm, the same applies only to precious metals, and no series leather watchband. As a high-end brand dress table, equipped with a head type chain for the more kingly. In terms of price, due to the size than the classic version of the calendar type, so the material is more, prices starting from 260 thousand, diamond concentration is about 300 thousand, the highest for the platinum version 580 thousand. Compared to the previous two series, the calendar week is clearly more business.

SKY-DWELLER Rolex paperback list selection Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326939-72418 (380000 Yuan) Available in 2012, equipped with the new brand patent, and by using the Sara system SKY-DWELLER, is currently the formal leisure class in the highest level of models, features are further, with calendar, Rolex is currently in the sale of the most complicated watches, is currently the only precious metal version, including platinum, Everose gold and gold, are 42 mm in size, with 24 hours of different time display function, which is designed for people to travel around the world. The price of Natural Leather Watchband is high, payment in 320 thousand or so, a metal watchband at around 380 thousand, equipped with an internal brand for the 9001 automatic movement of the design. Because of the high price, but also with complex functions, so in fact the demand is not great, in the market, if you need to use the remote time, Greenwich II is a good substitute, so this series is essentially a high-end people to play table. cellini Rolex paperback list selection Rolex 50515 Rolex paperback list selection Rolex 50525 Rolex paperback list selection Rolex 50509 There is no doubt that when it comes to the dress table, Cellini is very special but a series and have to mention, full of art and design it as a powerful and unconstrained style, and has been the Rolex style completely deviated from, ultra-thin, artistic, hand chain, quartz movement etc. in the elements he never appear in Rolex. The one presented in it here. But Cellini had been discontinued, and finished in Basel