Accurate, reliable and robust set in a Rolex Sky-Dweller series

Rolex is the first sign of an open fingers of the hand, which means the brand of watches entirely by hand crafted, with the continuous development and evolution of the brand, to become the crown logo, to show its unshakable dominance in the field of the watch. Today, we introduce you to watch its official model, from the Rolex Sky-Dweller series, priced at around 330 thousand. The appearance of material Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326935_ appearance Click to view: Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326935 Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326935 watch 42 mm rose gold case, continue to use the triangular corrugated outer ring of the unique symbol of the brand, replica watches rare and timeless elegance. Deep brown dial collocation with the color of crocodile leather watchband, filling the wearer elegant gentleman of the wind.

Appearance data Table 42 mm diameter rose gold case material Dial color dark brown dial shape round Table mirror material sapphire crystal glass table crown material rose gold Watch strap color dark brown crocodile leather watch strap material Table buckle material rose gold back through the bottom Water depth of 100 meters - function Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326935_ features Under the appearance of seemingly simple design, yet it contains complicated powerful Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326935 watch, in addition to the magnifier calendar a glance display window outside, around each digital scale with 12 window to display the month. SAROS calendar device innovation, need to adjust the calendar time in 2 to March each year. Eccentric design of the 24 hour display, you can clearly distinguish between the time zone of the day and night, so that you no matter when and where, can clearly know whether the moment is suitable for family and friends on the other end of the earth.

Function data The date display the current date, this function is the function of one of the most common watch, very close to the daily life. May display in the month, usually has the pointer and the window two kind of instruction form, is one of more practical functions. The display shows the current calendar date, week and month, the date display is more accurate, while reducing the number of times each year to adjust the date. Two time zones with different pointer to the reference and the location of the time, for travelers is an indispensable function. - movement replica watches uk-Dweller series 326935_ movement This series is equipped with the COSC official Rolex 9001 movement, a total of 380 parts, and has 7 patents, and today it is still one of the most complex movement of Rolex. As part of the heart of the watch, tectonic movement type 9001 with all the same oyster movement, are accurate and reliable. The balance wheel equipped with Rolex patent and homemade paramagnetic alloy blue PARACHROM hairspring. The balance wheel is equipped with Rolex's patented PARAFLEX cushioning device, so that the seismic capacity increased by 50%. The balance wheel can be adjusted by the height of the supporting parallel bridge. In addition, the design of SAROS device and RING COMMAND calendar adjustment system is very strong. Equipped with 9001 movement through the Rolex perpetual pendulum automatic chain module. The pendulum continues to drive the spring wind, can only watch as provided by the wearer's wrist watch swing energy.

Movement data Manufacturer Rolex movement model Cal.9001 Vibration frequency 28800 times / hour precious stones 40 Power reserve 72 hours - Summary Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326935_ summary The classic and famous Swiss watch brand Rolex, solemn, practical, not flashy style popular among people from all walks of life. In the international market, a common Rolex watches ranging from one thousand to fifteen thousand U.S. dollars, although the price is not cheap but buyers still think that value for money, this is not only because of Rolex's excellent quality, it also has a unique investment value. rolex replica with its precise movement and high durability to attract people from all walks of life is crazy, and have "once" reputation. The Rolex Sky-Dweller Series in addition to today to introduce you this watch, but also have a gold material and platinum two watches, whether you are a big fan of Rolex is keen to watch collection, Rolex Sky-Dweller series is still very worthy of you in the bag.