Rolex Sky-Dweller watch

Chinese new year to buy what? Buy Rolex must be a very good choice. Rolex watches for many years the precision and durability has been verified countless times, coincides with a lot of hot new list just recently listed, so just borrow the Spring Festival to start it! Here to bring you three are worth to buy Rolex watches, for your reference.

Greenwich - Rolex 116710BLNR series Rolex Greenwich series 116710BLNR Click to view: Rolex Greenwich series 116710BLNR The Rolex Greenwich II116710BLNR replica watches uk , watches in Basel show with a stunning debut, walked into the people's vision, then left a lingering impression, deeply rooted in the hearts of people. The Rolex oyster case design classic, shiny stainless steel bright metallic luster, date display window bezel and the bubble the one and only double color ceramic, this is all so familiar, but with a new attitude in front of us, we recast the classic. Functional matching, this table also has a very good performance, whether it is to go out, or home life, it can provide you with a good help. And the movement is not to say that the rolex replica 3186 movement will be in a race with the time to explain everything in reality.

Rolex 116681 series yacht Malibu Rolex yacht Malibu series 116681 Click to view: Rolex yacht Malibu series 116681 Rolex II watch yacht Malibu uphold the oyster professional watch function supreme tradition, red eye-catching countdown assembly dial pointer, and collocation bezel, simple operation and easy to read function. The yacht Malibu II series since its inception in 2007, using a variety of high-end materials collocation, this year is the use of the Bai Jinhe platinum material, very noble. 116681 watch the appreciation of the original design, comply with the type II watch yacht Malibu, inherited the special technology and professional Rolex countdown function, debuted at the 2011 Basel exhibition table, equipped with 4160 high quality automatic movement is regarded as one of the best watch or sailing the sailing events.

Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326938 Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326938 Click to view: Rolex Sky-Dweller series 326938 replica watches is the dominant recognized watch industry, although money is not much, but each paragraph is popular, with a strong degree of recognition, at the same time in the auction market is excellent. Sky-Dweller first launched in 2012 in Basel Watch Fair, Rolex with the year of the signing of the spokesman -- Tiger Woods is this watch fan. Watch the new design of the display, calendar and instant jump in dual time zone function, with simple operation, which has become an important type of brand. In addition, the brand made automatic type 9001 automatic movement, following the 3135 and 4130, and another important function of the core, is the brand movement and a new category. Sky-Dweller is a type of Rolex watches in the more popular, there is love table friends remember to start as soon as possible.