Rolex 2014 new exhibition landing in Shanghai, are you ready?

June 23, 2014, the world's leading Swiss watch brand Rolex in Shanghai Bund "Rolex World", a grand opening of the 2014 World New Exhibition in Basel. After 3 months, we have been looking forward to the new Rolex finally debut in the country, it is understood that the exhibition not only face the media, the public also have the opportunity to participate, to share with Rolex's extraordinary work. Watch the times were invited to participate in the event. New Rolex 2014 exhibition in Shanghai "Rolex World" is the world's only Rolex brand special experience museum, officially kicked off in September 2011, with the help of Roosevelt private clubs such a platform for the public to bring a true interactive experience. After entering the full of European-style "Rolex World", we see the layout of the brand well-experience the scene, Rolex 2014 new posters for us to show the new sultry charm. In the display area, the window exquisite works of people indulge in pleasures without stop. It is worth mentioning that this new exhibition, will only be held here, and will not do the national tour, so interested friends can take this opportunity to quickly a pro-Ze.

Activity site, the brand has arranged for our new staff and brand culture to explain. Since the 1992 Rolex vertical integration product line, although the brand has a large number of products and models, but in the core concept and product features are very clear, so when we are looking for their own replica watches uk, we have found that we have More reliable and effective basis. Rolex has always been in everyone's impression is a strong and durable synonym, but we tend to overlook it in the workmanship and culture is also very prominent, from the Oyster to the submerged and then to Deepsea, and now return to the sea type, we see Rolex watches in the field of continuous growth and breakthrough; integrated lugs, easy to adjust the chain, crocodile leather strap, two-color ceramic ring, top diamond mosaic, etc., are reflected in the delicate appearance of the Rolex watch. Such and such, referring to Rolex, there is always talk about the topic we can not finish. In the introduction of the brand and new table, a section of the Rolex new work gradually reveal the "true colors", as previously discussed most of the table, as in the activities of the scene, the most concern is undoubtedly the carini, sea type, Milguass and Daytona.

New Rolex 2014 exhibition in Shanghai This year's new launch of the Celini subversion of the previous Celinese shape, remodeled after the cellini as grown up "literary youth", from the pure art of transit and more pragmatic and yet taste. Celie this year launched a total of 12, three styles: junior, three-pin plus pointer calendar, plus three needle GMT, each four, respectively, platinum and rose gold version, disk with white and black Election (site excerpts six). New Rolex 2014 exhibition in Shanghai Sea to the emergence of the type of the world this year, Basel, another great surprise to us in the Rolex 70s in the last century, rolex replica and the French company COMEX cooperation, the brand has launched over the sea-type watch, but later evolved more professional , The final achievement of another classic - Deepsea. Deepsea's professionalism is doomed to its daily wear can not be popular, so the sea to return again, 1220 meters of water plus automatic helium valve, professional diving and matching can be competent. Rolex has a micro-innovation each year, one of Rolex's micro-innovation is Milguass, 2009, Rolex launched the current commonly known as "green glass", after 5 years, Rolex did not make a fuss in this series, this year , The brand for its new section of a blue disk, passing the classic lightning pin, plus a more stylish appearance, once again for us to present the unique charm of Milguass.

New Rolex 2014 exhibition in Shanghai Daytona is the most important Rolex products, is the most attention of the series, this year added a new 116576 TBR type TORONTO, I remember last year, the brand launch of the ice blue plate chestnut ring Daytona friends should not be unfamiliar, This low-pass ice blue sub-disk officially lasted last year's color legend, while inlaid top diamonds, accompanied by platinum strap and case, to create Extreme luxury Daytona. New Rolex 2014 exhibition in Shanghai In addition to the above works, the replica watches last year, two-color blue-black ceramic extraordinary works, this year's brand to earlier launch of the red and black ring for the design blueprint, the use of two-color ceramic re-interpretation, and equipped with upgraded 3186 automatic movement.

New Rolex 2014 exhibition in Shanghai As the most complex watch Rolex, Sky-Dweller, of course, is a must-see. Since the launch in 2012, each year the brand continues to expand this series, this year the brand added three, respectively, the use of platinum, gold and eternal rose gold, the scene we saw the platinum section, from a personal point of view, I like Belt models of the Sky-Dweller. New Rolex 2014 exhibition in Shanghai Women's side, the main new work this year, Rolex's focus is on the log pearl ladies 34 mm, a total of three styles, six watches, gold with a ruby ​​bezel, platinum sapphire bezel, rose gold with diamond bezel, each with ordinary Bracelets and bracelets. It is noteworthy that the new launch of the pearl ladies 34 mm watch all equipped with the brand specially developed Syloxi silicon crystal gossamer, this unique gossamer made by the Rolex three-dimensional layout and other related patents, a hot topic this year.

New Rolex 2014 exhibition in Shanghai Finally, we return to Rolex's original, take a look at this year's classic Oyster-style watches. Oyster-type constant action this year, pushing the main new 5, with 5 different colors to interpret, quite last year, the color of the brand play the legacy. It is understood that these new domestic market is expected to time for the end of the exhibition only, not the spot sale. Basel world held as scheduled every year, while Rolex has never been expected. In 2013, Rolex brought a ice-blue plate chestnut ring Daytona and six different colors of the disk DD; 2014, the new Chelynini, The sea to make available type, red and blue circle Greenwich II remodeling classics; every time there, Rolex people are unexpected, but overjoyed.